Friday, July 18, 2008

"Elephant Garlic Plants and Cloves For Sale"

Elephant Garlic Plants and Cloves For Sale: Notoka Rose Garlic For Sale . . . great for braiding and easy to grow. Delicious For Sure!!

When To Harvest Elephant Garlic?
Elephant Garlic is fun and easy to grow. It takes very little care and will ward off insects and rabbits in your garden. Elephant Garlic as well as Notoka Rose Garlic can be planted in its own bed or it can be planted in between your other vegetables and flowers. The veggies will not pick up the garlic smell.

The picture above is an Elephant Garlic Plant. I left the purple flower on it. We have couple of customers that are florist and purchase the flower for making floral arrangements. If the flower is removed early on in its growing season the head of garlic that is growing in the soil will good even larger. So if you want extra large garic remove the flower.

When To Harvest Elephant Garlic?
The photo above shows that the second set of leaves are turning yellow. Harvest the garlic when the third set of leaves turns yellow. Also the leaves will turn dried and brown and the garlic plant will fall over.

Harvest Fast and Easy. . .
When the third set of leaves are yellow and brown and dried take a shovel and gently lift the whole plant out of the soil. Examine the Elephant Garlic plant . . . look to see if the paper parchment if pulling away from the bulb. If so your garlic is ready to come out of the garden.
If the paper parchment has not started coming loose from the bulb-head then gently set it back down in the soil and check it in a couple of days. Don't wait more than a couple of days or the head will split.

Have a great day!!

Curing Elephant Garlic or Notoka Rose Garlic
Next remember to place the garlic on a screen or hang the whole plant up so air can circulate around it. This is called curing. Turn the garlic over at least every other day. Cure the garlic for 3 weeks. Then cut off the leaves and roots. Elephant Garlic and Notoka Rose make really great gifts at holiday time.

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