Friday, July 11, 2008

Black Raspberry Season !!

Black Raspberry Harvest 2008 Has Been Splendid!!

Our Black Raspberry and Blackberry harvest beings June 1 (right after Asparagus). At first we were worried about getting a late Winter frost. We watched, prayed and crossed our fingers that we would be spared.

The frost will not kill the plants but will take a toll on the amount of fruit that could be harvested. By time April came we were breathless as a few cold nights lingered on from March. We were lucky to be spared the dreadfull winter weather the rest of the country was getting. We breezed right on into May with no late frost. The frost season was finally behind us -- once we were in the clear we all started jumping and dancing out in the berry fields with joy. If you drove by our farm, you would have thought we were all "crazy people".

I have received questions from several gardeners about frost. I can say this: at the home gardening level it is easy to protect your Black Raspberry and Blackberry Fruit Plants. Just take a sheet, blanket, or plastic and throw it over the top of the plants. Don't worry about the roots they will be fine. It is the branches that you will want to protect. If you grow the Black Rasberries for Farmers Markets or the selling. Make sure you have some row covers on hand. They are inexpensive and easy to put on.

Covering your Black Raspberry Plants is fast and easy to do and will save your fruit harvest.

Here are some picture of our berries that we harvest this June.

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