Friday, July 11, 2008

Asparagus Plants/Roots For Sale - "Save Me Some 2009"

"Save Me Some" Asparagus Plants / Roots For Sale 2009
What Is The Asparagus Plants/Roots "Save Me Some Program?
This gardening program is a convenient way to have the Asparagus Plants /Root and other gardening plants "saved" for you for Spring 2009. The benefit of the Asparagus Plants/Roots Save Me Some program is to have the Asparagus Plants / Roots available when you want to plant. No more looking endlessly at garden shops . . . no more calling and hearing . . . "Sold Out ".

Fast. . . . Easy . . . . Simple
How Do We Go About Saving Asparagus Plants/Roots and Other Garden Plant?

Just click on this link

Then follow the steps on the Order Form. Be sure to include your address, email, and phone number. You then will receive an order confirmation and an Asparagus Planting Guide. Early next Spring we will contact you and then at that time we will complete the shipping and payment details.

Just that simple!!

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